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Becoming a Member

The London ACEs Hub is an independent, voluntary, and nonpartisan Network.

Our group is made of various experiences and cultures. Some of us were born in London and others have made this incredible city their home. The beauty of the process is that our paths have brought us together via a shared passion and commitment to raising awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), trauma-informed care, and resilience-building throughout our communities.


If you live or work in London, are 16 years old or over, and share this commitment, join in strength and become a member of our Network!

Choosing Your Membership

The London ACEs Hub has five membership categories available. As a member, you can belong to more than one according to your circumstances. Check below and identify what suits you more.​


Individuals with lived experience of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and/or trauma.


Individuals involved in community development and advocacy.


Individuals attending full or part time education as their main activity.

Individuals working in professional fields such as statutory or non-statutory services or self-employed practitioner.

Individuals (maximum two) representing one particular organisation committed to ACEs awareness.

Organisation Representative




As a part of the Network, all members agree to adhere to the below core guidelines. These include having regard at all times to principles of mutual respect and trauma-informed relationships.


Membership Benefits

The benefits of becoming a LAH Member are:

1. Networking

Being a part of a network of information and experience-sharing about ACEs, trauma-informed care, and resilience-building involving survivors, multidisciplinary professionals, and community advocates.

Fees and Payment

Annual membership fees are calculated on a 12-month rolling basis from the date that registration is approved. They can be paid online via a secure transaction or by bank transfer, cash, or cheque..

There are three types of membership fees to accommodate and welcome people from diverse incomes. Membership fee options do not impact members’ benefits. All members have the same rights and responsibilities related to self and mutual care - see Commitments and Benefits

Annual fee options are:

  • Supporting membership (£25 fee + £25 donation): £50

  • Full membership: £25

  • Concession membership (students and individuals on low income): £5

How to join

To join or renew your membership 

or download a printable membership form.

Choose your membership

  • Supporting member

    Every year
    (£25 fee + £25 donation): £50
  • Full Member

    Every year
  • Concession member

    Every year
    (Students and individuals on low income)
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