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Articles of Association

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The LAH Articles of Association forms our constitution and defines the legal duties and responsibilities involved in our Community Interest Company (CIC).

Our CIC objects, as described in the Articles, are as follows:

The objects of the Company are to carry on activities which benefit the diverse communities of Greater London and in particular, without limitation, children, young people, adults and families affected by or at risk of experiencing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). 
These activities will be designed to promote awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences, trauma-informed care and resilience among survivors of trauma (also known as experts by experience), London communities, statutory and non-statutory organisations, policy-makers and multidisciplinary professionals, amongst others. They will take the form of biopsychosocial education with a preventative purpose. All publications and activities will be non-partisan and will meet the objects of the Company.

The causes of ACEs and their associated traumas are multiple and systemic. They cross more than one generation; they are collective as well as individual. We believe that such traumas can only be eliminated by resilience building and participatory social action, supported by robust policy and practice interventions.

Our CIC Objects reflect this belief and our organic network puts these principles into practice. 

You can learn more about our Articles, operational nature and other core resources at the icons below. 

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ACE-Aware and trauma-informed Safeguarding Policy & Procedures.

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