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Please read these documents thoroughly and let us know if you feel comfortable to committing to them.

Operational Nature

The format and operational functioning of the London ACEs Hub (LAH) Community Interest Company, including its organic network nature, are based on two core documents as follows:


Please take some time to read them as they are the constitution and reference of our work. The Articles address our CIC objects and the legal accountability of the Directors and the CIC Guide describes the Directors' delegations and the operational format of our Community Interest Company.

Self-Care and Mutual Care

To ensure that we all do our best to develop a welcoming and safe space to everyone, LAH Members, including Directors, Coordinating Group and Network Members, are required to comply with shared commitments and principles stated in the:

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All LAH members have the same rights and responsibilities.

•    Articles of Association, 
•    CIC Guide,
•    Privacy Notice, and 
•    ACE-Aware and Trauma-Informed Safeguarding Policy and Procedures.

Thanks for joining the London ACEs Hub!

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