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Build awareness and transform London.

What are

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London ACEs Hub

The London ACEs Hub (LAH) is a network of survivor activists, multidisciplinary professionals, and community advocates committed to spreading the fundamental lessons of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) research and practice in Greater London, on individual and collective levels.

The LAH is an independent and voluntary network. We are nonpartisan and do not speak for a particular organisation.


As knowledge mobilisers, we welcome the opportunity to work with everyone who supports making London an ACE-aware metropolis

Help the London ACEs Hub Grow!

The London ACEs Hub is recruiting volunteers! If you have passion, skills, and time to lead on the below roles, do get in touch!

News for Action Editor 

Responsible for assembling our monthly newsletter and ensuring timely distribution.

Social Media Coordinator 

Responsible for setting up and managing the LAH social media platforms.

Fundraising Coordinator 

Leading sponsorship and fundraising for LAH activities and projects.

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