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The London ACEs Hub (LAH) is committed to a safeguarding approach that prevents re-traumatisation and promotes mutual care in practice and knowledge-sharing.

Our ACE-Aware and Trauma-informed Safeguarding Policy and Procedures have been developed in consultation with our LAH Network and external collaborators, comprising input from trauma survivors, also known as experts by experience, multidisciplinary professionals, and community advocates.

You can download the full document by clicking below. 

Making Safeguarding

ACE-aware and trauma-informed.


Please refer to the London ACEs Hub when using or citing this document to promote our important work.

To report a safeguarding incident related to an activity of the LAH, use the link here.

To share a concern, use the forms at the bottom of this page.


ACE-aware and trauma-informed safeguarding involves a lot of self and mutual care.

Responding to difficult situations, including ACEs and trauma, can be triggering and is not an easy task. It can impact us long after the events.

It is nice to talk with a trusted person if you can to discuss your concerns and process them together. This person can be a friend, a family member, or a professional.

To share a concern related to an activity of the London ACEs Hub, get in touch with the LAH Designated Safeguarding Leads or Safeguarding Team. For incidents, use the Report Form

Lambeth is the Local Authority where the LAH office is based. You can contact them if you need to:

We share below some additional resources that can be helpful to promote resilience and safety, or to raise concerns. Remember: you are not alone.


You are
not alone

Would you like to share a safeguarding concern related to an activity of the London ACEs Hub? Fill in the form below to notify the LAH Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL) and Operational Directors, Tiane Graziottin and Roger Grimshaw.
For the Safeguarding Team, go here.

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Mutual Care Form
Contact the DSL with Your Safeguarding Concern
If it's about an incident, go to Report Form.

If your safeguarding concern is related to the LAH Designated Safeguarding Leads and Operational Directors, please contact the LAH Safeguarding Team, comprised of Judith Rees and Derek Williams, by completing this form.

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Mutual Care Form
Contact the SG Team with Your Safeguarding Concern

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