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Our Vision

The London ACEs Hub (LAH) is a network of multidisciplinary professionals and survivor activists committed to spreading the fundamental lessons of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) research and practice in Greater London, on individual and collective levels.

We want to live in a sustainable and resilient society that values each individual, at each stage of life, and provides everyone with the means to prevent and heal trauma.

In the face of suspicion, anger and apathy, we advocate for practical and collective ways of raising compassion, solidarity and hope.


We reject discrimination and injustice, including but not limited to race, nationality, gender, sex, religion, age, disability and class.


The LAH stands by those most impacted by pain and neglect and welcomes participation by all London communities.


The LAH supports a variety of initiatives:


  • ACEs education,

  • public actions and interventions,

  • advocacy and lobbying,

  • media communications,

  • support groups,

  • preventive community work.


At a time of considerable flux and uncertainty, we are open to different views about the best ways of achieving our aims.

If you would like to get in touch about our work, feel welcome to contact us.

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