Our Aim

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The LAH aims to promote ACEs-awareness and trauma-informed and resilience-led practices in professional, community, and local authority settings.


It achieves this aim principally through networking, education, and sharing resources.

The causes of trauma are multiple and systemic. They cross more than one generation; they are collective as well as individual.

We believe that such trauma can only be eliminated by participatory social action, supported by robust policy and practice interventions.

The LAH holds regular meetings with members to discuss the progress of current ACEs-related initiatives and look to launch new ones.

We have promoted a Greater London conference jointly with CONFER to bring survivors, activists, community members and practitioners together.


The event has been rescheduled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. For the latest information, visit Conference.

We produce a monthly newsletter called News for Action, which provides a focal point for networking and information sharing.

We are also actively engaged in identifying ways to challenge injustice and develop fairer and more nurturing relationships, practices and communities where mutual respect prevails.

We have created a Racial Justice section on this website to emphasise and respond to the challenges experienced by our black communities: family members, friends, colleagues and the public.  We regularly add new educational and action-oriented resources to the page and welcome your contributions. 

We are interested in partnerships that promote ACEs, trauma-informed and resilience-building awareness amongst communities, professionals and policymakers.

If you would like to discuss an idea with the LAH, feel welcome to contact us.


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